Dotxpert is an international company with home in Pakistan started in 2012. The company assists to providing IT support and solution to the customers who seek both quality and efficiency. We design and shape our services to meet the criterion of our clienteles individually. Dotxpert works holistically on need based and customized measures where the satisfaction of the client is our uppermost standard. Dotxpert works to create new designs of web sites as well as to modify existing ones. Though every design is our art created with love but on the web we provided the best of our services links on the website with pride. 

Hi, my name is Umar Mustafa. I was born in Karachi. Expertise in C#, Microsoft SQL 2012, Android Studio, Nodejs and React Native
Umar Mustafa
Hi, my name is Fayyaz ahmed. I was born in Karachi.Ever since I was little I had a lot of hobby’s and things I liked to do. For example I played Cricket, But sometimes it was hard to spend my time at all the things I liked to do and to become better at these things, because my attention was divided. When I grew older I started to work with Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft SQL 2000, C#, Microsoft SQL 2012 Photoshop, Dreamweaver, PHP, MYSQL and WordPress. At this time I had the same problem as I had when I was younger: because of the broad area of things I liked to do, I never really excelled in one of them. I went from one hobby to another one and back and forth.
Fayyaz Ahmed
Managing Director
Hi, I am Usama Amanullah. I was born in Karachi, Innovative problem solver can generate workable solution and resolve complaints. Knowledge of Website Development To obtain a challenging and responsible position in a well-established organization as a Customer Service Representative or a Financial Representative where I can efficiently use my knowledge and skills.
Usama Amanullah